A Journal of the Proceedings of the Fleet under the Command of Admiral Gambier having his Flag flying in the ‘Prince of Wales’ between the 4th and the 16th of August 1807.



(Elsinore Road)



Tuesday 4.

Henviser til den engelske søofficer Beaumann’s rapport om den danske flåde som den engelske ambassadør i København havde foranlediget udfærdiget efter den engelske udenrigsminister havde hævdet at danskerne var ved at klargøre flåden. Rapporten konkluderede at flåden ikke var ved at blive klargjort.

Overtog kommandoen over ‘Procris’ (Beaumann), sendte den til Rügen med penge til hæren.


Friday 7.

Ordered…to form a Brigade under the denomination of the Naval Brigade to consist of 2820 men in readiness to land and co-operate on shore with the Army.

Appointed Captain Puget of the ‘Goliath’ to command the said Naval Brigade and Capt. Loyle of the ‘Lightning’, Parker of the ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Mainwaring’ of the ‘Fortacus’ (?) to assist him on the service [Telegraf linje fra ‘Cambrian’ ved København over 'Geha' (?), ‘Prometheus’, Fury til ‘Prince of Wales’ på Helsingør Rhed for at] to accelerate communications from H.M.Minister at that place to me. Furnished the Honourable Captain Puget with a secret key for the above…

Sent the safeguard Gun Brig with Colonel D’Arcy to run along the Coast of Zealand past Copenhagen, for the purpose of recognizing the Danish works of defence.


Sunday 9.

[Afsendte kutter til Lord Cathcart på Rügen med depecher].


Tuesday 11.

[Taylor orienterer om at:] orders were yesterday issued for fitting Copenhagen in the best state of defence.


Thursday 13.

A message by the Telegraph from the ‘Cambrian’ “that the Danes are getting Rafts from the great to the little Crown Battery”.

Sent the ‘Defence’ and ‘Comus’ in pursuit of a Danish frigate, which left the Roads last night – the ‘Defence’ to go on and watch the motions of Danish 74, which I am informed, is lying in some part of Norway.

[Den engelske flåde skal “take possession” af al dansk rustning].


Friday 14.


Accounts from Commodore Keats wishing to be informed how to treat the Prince Royal of Denmark in case of intercepting him, and whether he is to detain Danish trading vessels.


Directing him (Keats), in case of intercepting the Prince Royal, to show him all the marks of honour and respect to his high rank and situation and to send him in a frigate to me – but not to molest Danish merchant vessels.


Saturday 15.

Place at noon: Working up the sound


The officers commanding the Divisions and Brigades of the Army were called on board the ‘Prince of Wales’ to receive orders respecting the disembarkation to the next morning.


Sunday 16.

Place at noon: Off Wibech

A letter by the Flag of Truce from the General commanding the Danish Majesty’s land forces [om pas til de kongelige damer].


At 5 p.m. the Army began its march.

A ‘Flag of Truce’ came on board from Copenhagen.

Underskrevet af J. Gambier.